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Monday  June 26, 2017 . . .   It’s that time of year.  It seems everyone is going on vacation.  What about you?  The idea may be tempting, especially if those friends, family members, and colleagues are pressuring you to take some time off, or if you’ve been working at your search for several months, and are feeling discouraged if you have not yet landed a new job. 

But before you say "Yes" to the idea, consider:
1.  The competitive advantage is yours.  Some job seekers mistkenly believe hiring stops during the summer.  Yes, it slows, but does not stop.  However, many who believe this myth will stop their searches for a while, unknowingly lessening the compeitition.  If you hang in there, the the advantage is yours!

2.  A week off, will actually cost you 3!
1.  First, there is the week (if not more) before your vacation that you spend getting ready to go on vacation.
2.  Second, there is the week of your vacation.
3.  Third, there is the week after your vacation which you spend trying to get back into the swing of hunting for a new job.
A better strategy is to defer your vacation until you land your new job, and then you'll really have somthing to celebrate on your week away!
3.  If you're still determined to go, then at least be smart about it:
1.    Research the area you’ll be visiting.  Identify prospective employers, staffing firms, and network contacts in the area of your vacation, and contact them ahead of time and try to set a few appointments while you’re in their area.  
2.    Keep your search going back home.  Advise hot employment prospects that you will be out of the area for “ __X__” period of time, and attempt to step up your interviews for the week after you return. 
3.    Network from afar.  With today’s technology, you can network via your computer and phone from afar.  Set aside an hour or two in the early or late hours of the day to stay in touch and connected!

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