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Tuesday June 28, 2016 . . . What Do We REALLY Mean by Follow-up?   A Job Search Strategy. . .
Most job seekers know, or discover shortly into their job search, that you need to follow-up.  For instance, if you mail a resume to a target employer, you follow-up.  Or, if you meet with a network contact, you follow-up. 
Follow-up is an integral and essential part of job searching.  So, what’s the problem?  When you conduct a job search activity, you follow it up.  Obvious, right?  Well, maybe not. 
While it is obvious to many, if not most, that some type of activity is warranted following any type of job search action a job seeker takes, the process of how you follow-up may not be obvious.

Read "What Do We REALLY Mean by Follow-up?" to learn the biggest misunderstanding job seekers hold about following up, as well as what is not effective follow-up and what is! 
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This week's featured article:   What do We REALLY Mean by Follow-up?

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