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Friday, September 23, 2022  . . . Getting Back in the Game  . . . . . . As businesses get back to normal, stepping up your job search makes sense.  As you think about getting back in the game - the Job Search Game -, here are some steps to revitalize and renew your search.
Here's how to renew your search:21.  Re-set - your targeted goal for the type of job you want.
2.  Re-group - Review your marketing materials - Resume is at the top of the list.  Make sure it is updated and revised.
3.  Redevelop - your Elevator Speech in concert with your renewed goal.
4.  Review - your Networking Contacts List.  Schedule 2 networking meetings a day.
5.  Remove - any negativity from your Elevator Speech, Resume, other marketing materials, and networking.
6.  Renew - your energy.
Just as companies begin to revisit, re-set, and revitalize their business plans, you can do the same.  As they step up hiring, following these 6 steps will enable you to step up your search.  

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Looking for a Job? . . . Then You're in Sales!

If you are looking for a new job, new role, expansion of your current role, or venturing off into a new independent contracting, consulting, or business role, you are in sales!   So, if you are carrying around a boat load of negative preconceptions about sales, selling, and sales people, get rid of them.  Because looking for a job is all about sales  –  selling yourself.  Understanding this is key to success and will move things along faster to a better quality result! 
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