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Sunday, Apr 19, 2015  . . . . . Success . . . It's in the Company You Keep! 

Don't underestimate the impact on your job search of The Company You Keep.  "When we surround ourselves with positive people, we clear away the negativity that exists around us and create more room to welcome nurturing and renewed energy," writes Brian Huliette, Co-Publisher, VIP Seen.  "Choose your friends with care - they create the environment in which you will either thrive or wilt."

Brian's advice is most apropos for job seekers.  Too many opportunities have been lost when a job seeker's family or friends were negative about the new job, promotion, or career move.  So, be cautious.  Choose wisely when it comes to the company you keep.

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Invest in Your Career . . .How's your career going?  Are you where you would like to be?  Or, do you feel you are lagging behind where you thought you'd be at this point in your life?  Too often, if we stop to think about it at all, we realize we have spent far more time and money planning a vacation or a move across town than on the vehicle that makes these things possible . . .  our career. 
AJC-Career  Strategy can help you get back on track, or push the re-set button and get a fresh start!  Click on the service level hyperlink below, or on the tab AJC Global  and "About Us," to learn more.

Quick Reviews. . .
Full Session Resume Review:
  Exclusive 60-minute comprehensive review of your entire resume

Bronze Service Level . . .
Job Search and Resume Builder:  Two full one-hour sessions . . .  It's all about the Resume!  Learn how to build a resume and use it to get a job.

Silver Service Level . . .
Impacts your career at the hiring level.  3 one-hour sessions make us part of your hiring team to "show & sell" employers why hiring you benefits them.

Gold Service Level . . .
We partner work with you to to help you find your ideal position or advance your career.  Covers ALL job career marketing tools and networking & interviewing.  Limited availability.

Platinum Service Level . . . Join the club . . . and we will stick with you from the beginning of your career quest to its fruition.  Very Limited availability and membership by Invitation Only.


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