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Tuesday, June 30, 2015 . . .The REAL Co$t of that Summer Vacation!    It's that time of year again when folks go on summer vacation.  And that presents a challenge for job seekers!
As we move into summer, and, it seems, the people you need to meet and network with are unavailable, many job seekers decide that they m
ight as well take a week off and go on vacation too, since it seems everyone is doing it!.  After all, it’s only a week!  But, in reality, . . . that week off – and away from your search – will actually cost you 3!   Here's how:
1.  First, there is the week before your vacation that you spend getting ready to go on vacation.
2.  Second, there is the week of your vacation.
3.  Third, there is the week after your vacation which you spend trying to get back on track.

So before you pack your bags, consider the REAL CO$T of a vacation mid-search and decide if time away is worth the cost. 
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Let us help you with your career or business transition, whether it is strategizing how to plan a change, implementing your plan, or getting your transition back on track.  Let us help you achieve your goals!

This week's featured article:     (1) To Vacation or Not To Vacation? . . . . . The Real Co$t of That Week Away

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