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Saturday, April 19, 2014 . . .  Milestone checkpoint:  How's your job search going?

As we leave the 1st quarter of 2014, it's a good time for a progress check. How are you doing on achieving that New Year's Resolution you made on January 1?  Are you genuinely closer to realizing it, or just kidding yourself that you'll get to it . . . soon? 

As we begin Quarter 2, it is a good time to check your activity against milestones - mini-goals - you may have set.   Ask yourself:  Have you taken the

appropriate actions to move you closer to achieving your goal? 

Utilize this time as a milestone checkpoint!  Ask yourself:  How many target companies have you identified and contacted,  network contacts have you made, marketing materials completed and distributed, . . .?  The 2nd quarter is usually a time in which companies' hiring activity remains high - before the slower summer months set in.  So, gauge your progress, set new milestones, and make the most of the time that the usually busy 2nd Quarter presents.
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