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I am pleased to announce the publication of my new book Jobs Are Not Found Sitting at the Computer.  Whether you want to stay with your current organization and into a new role or improve your current one or find a job that's new, this book can help!  Job seeking can be complex, daunting, and overwhelming, for many.  This book simplifies the process.  It lays out my 4-step job-seeking process that will put you on the road to the next step in your Career Path.  Searching for a new position is neither easy nor simple.  But Jobs Are Not Found Sitting at the Computer © can help.  It goes beyond much of a lot of popular job search advice by telling you not only what to do but tells how to go about it, including offering templates to produce the job-search tools a job seeker will need to achieve your goal.  Go to for a sneak peek!

Invest in Your Career
Given any thought to your career lately,  and where you want it to take you?  Too often, if we stop to think about it, we realize we have spent far more time and money planning a vacation or a move across town than on the vehicle that makes these things possible . . .  our career.  

By investing in your career via any one of our services, you may not only achieve your career goals  --  but even surpass them.  Choose from services below that best meet your needs.
Career    Investment    Services
Career Enhancement Programs . . .
Bronze Service Level . . . Job Search Resume Builder: 
It's all about the resume.  Learn the basics about how to craft and draft a resume that employers will want to read.  Overviews the job search process.

Silver Service Level . . . Impact your career at the hiring level.  Detailed resume critique and strategic resume development.  We team with you in to teach you how to craft an Accomplishments-Based Resume, and how to use it to market yourself to key network contacts and employers.  Learn how to "show and sell" employers on how hiring you can help them achieve their company goals. 

Gold Service Level . . . Your Career Transition Partner.  We work with you to develop all your marketing tools, a dynamic resume, and your networking & interviewing knowledge & skills to find your ideal position or advance your career.  Limited availability.

Platinum Service Level . . .  Join the club
. . . and we will stick with you from the beginning of your career quest to its fruition. 
For those who are super-serious about their career.    Very Limited availability and membership by Invitation Only.

Also find  . . .

Articles, tips, and FAQs
Interview Coaching and Guidance
Presentations for job seekers & employers
Workshops for job seekers
Assessments to hone your job search
Tools and Templates as useful guides

I hope you will find the help you need for a successful job search here at AJC - Career Strategy ©.   We provide the:
● technical know-how, but beyond that,
● subtle understandings of how hiring happens, and
● emotional support that a job seeker needs to find success.

Don’t go it alone  –  “It’s a long and lonely road . . .”
As the song goes, “It’s a long and lonely road,” and that is never truer than when hunting for a job or new role by your lonesome!  Not only it is emotionally taxing, but technically, it makes the job of finding a job harder.  So join with us here to get support and assistance with your career transition to navigate your own successful career transition.

All the best,


Nancy Gober, Founder
After Job Club . . . AJC  –  Career Strategy©
Author:  Jobs Are Not Found Sitting at the Computer


About Nancy
Finding a job is hard work. It can be overwhelming, frustrating, and just plain scary! You may have already tried  –  sending out resumes, responding to job boards, and received no response.  “Why don’t they get back to me?” you wonder. You may have attended a networking event or an association meeting where you knew no one, forced yourself to “mingle,” got no job leads, and spent $30 bucks doing it!

On the other hand, you may know a person who also tried to find a new job this year and is now employed.  How did that happen? What did they do that you didn’t?  Differently?   What do they know that you don’t know?

Welcome to AJC - Career Strategy ©!  Here, you can find the answers to these questions and more.  For over 20  years, I have done just that  –  helped folks find the answers to employment questions such as these, as well as plan and conduct their searches for new jobs, new or expanded professional roles, and changes in their career directions.  I have helped them determine what they truly want to do and then strategize a route to reach their goal, and provided guidance in the techniques that will get them there  – networking, marketing themselves, interviewing, and negotiating. 

In all of my clients’ career transitions, it has been gratifying to see them achieve success and to have played a role in the achievement of their goals.  They followed a process, and it paid off.  They found positions ranging from traditional full-time jobs to roles as independent contractors and consultants.   And, when they found success, well, so did I  - celebrating their successful transition!

Why am I able to help?
I’m able to help because I can relate to you and what you’re trying to do.  Chances are I’ve walked in your shoes!  I have worked in diverse fields  – defense contracting, engineering, transportation, space, construction, manufacturing, retail, insurance & surety, outplacement.  I have worked in organizations of all sizes ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to small companies to non-profits, even a stint in government. I have worked in lots of different types of jobs  –  sales, marketing, human resources, staffing, training, management, project management, and consulting. I have worked with all levels of employees from CEOs and their senior staffs to the front-line employees and everything in between.

I can relate! And I can provide insights into how organizations work  – how they make decisions, how they go about the business of hiring   –  and the actions you need to take to get noticed.

New jobs don’t come to us today from sending out resumes or attending a professional association meeting.  These are lean and difficult times we live and work in.  Finding a job today requires a diligence and dedication that you may not have exercised or experienced before.  It is why in most cases shotgunning, sending out a few resumes sporadically, and making a few phone calls, doesn't get results.  Instead, successful career transitions today require following a managed process. 

Within my 20+ year career in business, I have coached, directed, collaborated with, and managed 1000's of career changers and job seekers in the process of  job or career change.  I can do that for you too here at AJC - Career Strategy ©.  So, if it sounds to you like you may find the help you need here, join us!  Become a part of our process and use the information provided here to plan and achieve your goal.

All the best,

Nancy Gober, Founder
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