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Resume Realities

Here is a quick look at some truths about resumes as evidenced by their use and role in today's employment marketplace.

Resumes get seconds - not minutes - on the first read-through.  Some recruiters now say as little as “7" seconds for a first-time read-through!

A resume presents a “snapshot” of you.

Resumes should be focused and tell the reader what you want to do.

Resumes should be relevant to the (each) job you are applying for.

There is no one way to do a resume.

Should be 2 pages (a little longer more such as 2 ¼ or 2 ½ pages is OK).

Use phrases. Do not use complete sentences.

Chronicle approximately 10 - 15 years of experience -10 in detail.

Number of years in a position can be ( - ) or (+) .

Should be attractively laid out on the page.  White space counts.

No excuse for typos or misspellings.

Grammar counts. (Can count against you.)

A resume presents a first impression of you. It is a reflection of your image.

A RESUME OPENS THE DOOR TO OPPORTUNITY! For additional information on marketing yourself and your capabilities, please refer to the many articles found under the Articles tabs of the AJC–Career Strategy website.
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