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Want a Job? . . . . . You've Got to Do the Work!

Found it! The job I've been searching for.
When it comes to finding a job, you’ve got to do the work . . . . . of finding a job!

The phrase,  “finding a job is a full-time job” pretty much sums it up.  If you want to find a job today, plan to work at it like it’s your real job.  If you are lucky enough to have a job, while deciding to look for a new one, then carve out some time everyday to work toward your goal!  “Persisting consistently” wins the race!

During the last 4 years or so, following the financial collapse, I’ve coached 300 or 400 clients  – and maybe more.  As I reflected back on who found a job and who didn’t, one factor stands out:  those who did the work, found work!  Those who didn’t, didn't, or, . . . . it took a very, very, very long time.

I talk with a lot of job seekers.  That's MY job!  And, they want to know what does it take to get a job in today’s tough economy where employers are slow to hire and hesitant to add new human resources to their payroll costs.  When I tell them what it takes, I gauge their receptivity to doing the tasks of finding a job.  Too many simply resist the tasks, particularly networking and marketing themselves directly to companies.  They don’t want to – and don’t – do the work.

Too many also delude themselves that because they are "working hard"  -- i.e., sitting at a computer and answering 100s of ads, that they are "doing the hard work" of finding a job.  However, what we know about successful job searches is that responding to on-line ads, while hard work, is not the way to success for most job seekers.   Most of my clients find their opportunities through the "hidden market," and that is not accessed by sending applications on-line to organizations.  

The "Hidden Job Market" pays off
Without doing the real productive work, it is hard to gain knowledge of where opportunities lie, and then gain the visibility you need to access these opportunities.  What we are really addressing here is finding those unadvertised jobs that can only be found on the hidden market, and the only way to find them is through networking and targeting companies that are of interest.  This work goes way, way beyond applying on line for openly advertised positions,

So, it’s up to you.  Do you want a job or new or expanded role?  Then bite the bullet, and commit to learning what you need to do and then doing the work.  It's what it takes to find a new job today!

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