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Networking: Do I have to?

Do I have to? . . . .  Yes you do if you want to find a better position in a shorter amount of time!
If you dread the idea of going up to strangers whose paths you cross and striking up a conversation, you are far from alone.  Many, if not most folks - if the truth were told - deplore the idea.  They’d prefer a root canal!

The"Hidden Market"
However, the truth also to be told is that many, if not most, job opportunities are found through networking. They are found on what we call the "Hidden Market."  These wonderful positions never see the light of an advertisement.  They are found through folks who work for a firm and know of needs or open jobs, or by talking to other folks who may know some folks who know of opportunities  . . .  You get the idea!

So, the choice is yours.  You can elect to find a position through sending out resumes and answering ads.  This choice can have you sitting at a computer, hours on end, applying for 100's if not 1000's of jobs that you find advertised on the "Open Market."  It is an avenue to a new job, but it is a choice that generally results in a long search. 

Networking speeds things up.
Or you can choose to network.  Networking speeds things up.  It’s just another avenue to facilitate your search.  So, still continue to look for positions to apply for on-line and in the paper.  Just add networking to your daily job search activity to uncover positions before they are openly advertised, or in many cases, never advertised at all.

So . . . Do you have to?  Well, while the choice is yours, the only obvious answer is. . .  Yes,  you really have to.  It just makes good sense: $$ and cents.  
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