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If You're Talking, . . . You're Interviewing

If you're talking, you're interviewing . . . when it comes to finding a job!  So act accordingly.
Treat every conversation, and the information you reveal, as if it could lead to an interview.

It's an important concept to grasp if you want to be successful quicker in your search for a new position or new role. Keep the following 3 key precepts in mind as you talk with folks about your job search:
  • Be cautious - This is not the time for "tell-all conversations" with strangers.  You never know who knows who . . . even true of those you know well and casual acquaintances.
  • Be strategic - about what you reveal about your current situation as it applies to the type of work you are seeking.  Skip the negative comments about previous employers, folks who are of little help or no use at all, and your employment status:  "Why did this happen to me?"
  • Be prepared -  Develop a sales mindset, and carry your "tools of the trade."  Don't leave home without business cards to hand out to folks you meet in chance encounters as well as planned meetings.  Carry your phone so you don't miss any calls from prospects.
A 1st impression . . . is a lasting impression . . . if not a last impression.
 What we're talking about is creating a positive and lasting impression, with the goal that whomever you cross paths with will remember you in a positive way should they hear of a career opportunity that you might fit and fill.  What you say, and the attitude you display, will rule you in or out in their minds.

So, whether you are networking, engaging in a formal interview with a prospective employer, or just meeting up with a group of folks at a casual event, remember . . .  if you are talking, you are interviewing.   
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