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Schedule a Weekly Review . . . Weekly

How is your job search progressing?  Don’t really know!  Schedule a weekly review weekly to find out.   If you actually keep this appointment with yourself (Therein lies half the battle!) to review progress and set a schedule for the upcoming week’s work, you’ll progress further faster!

Dale Carnegie, in his now classic self help book, How To Win Friends & Influence People, talks about a successful Wall Street banker who used this system for self-improvement.  The banker set aside Saturday evening each week to conduct a self-analysis of his week’s progress. 

Each week, the banker reviewed the week’s interviews, discussions, and meetings – What did he do right, wrong, and what lessons could he learn from his successes and mistakes that he could apply the following week?  He attributed his success in part to this technique.  The key is to schedule your self-analysis meeting with yourself.  Then KEEP THE APPOINTMENT!  Put it on your calendar and treat it with the same respect as any other appointment. 

Don’t let yourself down by not keeping your appointment with yourself.  Conducted on a weekly basis - or certainly at regular intervals - you may be surprised by what you learn about what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.  Weave these "lessons learned" into your plans for the coming week and check them against your goals. 

A NO-Cost Technique:  Your weekly review meeting.  This is a no-cost technique that could move you a step closer to accomplishing your goals.  In today’s tight and tough economy, here’s a technique that won’t cost you a dime but could make you $$$1,000s.  Your next job might just depend on it! 
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