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Are They Glad They Negotiated?

Question:  Are they glad they negotiated? 

Answer:   Most say "Yes."

Over the many years, and thousands of clients I have worked with during their job searches, I have asked this question at the conclusion of their successful search:

Are you glad you negotiated? 

The overwhelming response is "YES!"

Most say Yes!  Most clients say, that even if they experienced nervousness and anxiety beforehand, they are glad that they bit the bullet and negotiated their offer.  

Benefit 1:  They found that they emerged from that final part of the interview process with more in the way of $ $ $  and/or benefits than they would have had they not negotiated.  In some cases lots more; in others a little more. 

Benefit 2:  They came away from the negotiation with a mutual better understanding of each other and a higher respect level for each other.  Not a bad way to start off a new association!

Their bottom line is that they came away with more by trying their hand at negotiating their offer.

I also asked this question looking to the future:

Would you negotiate in the future - your next job offer?

Absolutely . . . . "YES!"

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